Nifty 1.2 released

// August 2nd, 2010 // demo, release

Nifty 1.2 – Download it
Nifty 1.2 – View Changelog
Nifty 1.2 – Enjoy the Examples

And there is an updated tutorial/demo available too:
Nifty 1.2 – Updated Tutorial/Demo

Nifty 1.2 Tutorial/Demo

Nifty 1.2 Tutorial/Demo

The Tutorial/Demo has been greatly improved and updated with Nifty 1.2 informations and is *THE* source to learn how to use Nifty!

Important Information

Please note that starting with Nifty 1.2 the main nifty.jar is now independend of lwjgl and slick2d. This means you need a nifty-<system>-renderer.jar for your rendering system! For instance, if you would like to use Nifty with a Lwjgl based rendering backend you will now need to download nifty-1.2.jar as well as nifty-lwjgl-renderer-1.0.jar!

Please note that we assume that all of the required jars of your rendering system, like lwjgl.jar, slick.jar and so on are downloaded by yourself. The nifty-<system>-renderer.jar only acts as the adapter between nifty and your rendering backend. They don’t come with all the required libs. This decision was simply done under the assumption that Nifty comes as an add on to an existing application.

The Nifty 1.2 compatible jme2 renderer will be available soon after the 1.2 release and Nifty 1.2 will be integrated into jme3 soon as well.

have fun :)

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  1. Awesome work mate! Loved the tutorial. Very nice choice of music too :) Do note though, when running a jnlp file on my Ubuntu 10.04 Inspiron 1720 laptop, I can’t run it in full screen nor can I change the height of the window, and so some visuals are lost at the bottom of the screen. For the page controls in the tutorial this worked out okay since they were still clearly visible but cut off a little, while in the examples, I ran into this:

    Also, why doesn’t scrolling (through the examples) work?

    We’ll be in touch a

  2. (Hrmph, anti-spam sort of screwed me over)

    … We’ll be in touch about the jME integrations. I’ll be sure to type up a blog post about it once it’s all well and done :)

    By the way, I’m sure you could easily create an awesome-looking showcase video for Nifty, eh? :D

  3. void says:

    Hi Erlend and thank you ^^

    I was not aware of the trouble with linux and odd ;P display resolutions. I am aware of the fixed resolution of 1024×768 pixels in the nifty examples as well as the tutorial. This is not as much a problem of Nifty as it is a matter of my laziness writting the examples/tutorial :> Supporting multiple resolutions in a way to make all resolutions look well is not an easy task – even when using Nifty. As Nifty assumes an already initialized display mode this is more like a problem with the startup code in the examples. I’ll think of some things on how to fix this in later versions of the example/tutorial project.

    Thanks for pointing this out tho =)

  4. As a quick fix you could just make sure you don’t have any clickable elements that are displayed far down on the screen? ;)

    Good to see you finally updated the looks of your site man. Kudos on picking a great-looking theme =P

  5. Dennis says:

    Don’t know if it’s really a Bug or if it’s supposed to be like this, but if i have a Panel with a Button in it and then hide the Panel, the Button is still clickable.
    So if I hide the Panel and then just click where the Button used to be, it still calls the Java-Method.

    • admin says:

      Hey there! I can’t reproduce this issue with the current Nifty Version. I’ve just created a panel with a button control and the onClick() of that button will hide the panel from java with element.hide(). After that the panel is hidden and I can’t click on the button anymore. Which Version do you use? How does your xml and code look?

      PS: Maybe the best way to get help with issues like that is on the nifty help forum at :)

  6. durandal says:

    Hey there. I was about to write my own widget set when I stumbled on your project.

    I can however not find any licence info. Does it have an open souce licence and if so which, or ?

    • admin says:

      Nifty is using the BSD License which means you can do anything with it :)
      You can find more information about the project at its project page: which also states the license.

      • durandal says:

        Ah thank you and also for the fast reply. Must have missed that.
        I’m starting on an isometric game with Slick and just got the ‘world map’ running in a widget (resizable clipped rectangle) that, i think could run in a Nifty panel. Would that be a good possibility or would it be better to keep UI more seperated?
        Also, Nifty has screens and Slick has GameStates that both serve as different modes in the game. Could you give an idea about the interaction between the two? Can i drop down to 1 gameState in Slick and use Nifty screens in stead for instance?
        Thanks :)

        • admin says:

          You probably dont want to run your game in a nifty panel. Nifty absolutly can be used to render your ingame gui too. Usually you would render your game and then render your nifty gui above that, like a gui overlay. If I understand your question correctly, that is. There was a blog post about nifty slick overlays some weeks ago that might help too. PS: There is a Nifty help forum at the project page available too where you can ask more questions.

  7. durandal says:

    Another question if I may – I am playing around with some lists and scroll bars and i notice that my mouse scrollwheel has no effect on them. Is this correct?
    If so, will it be implemented / is it easy to implement?
    Thank you. Kudo’s on what i’ve seen sofar. It’s nifty indeed ;)

  8. Ugly says:

    About this chatArea example. Which Jar contains this:
    import de.lessvoid.nifty.controls.scrollpanel.ScrollPanel.AutoScroll;

    Can’t get this tutorial running as supposed because Nifty libs I find lack this class. (?)

    • void says:

      The class “de.lessvoid.nifty.controls.scrollpanel.ScrollPanel.AutoScroll” is part of the nifty-default-controls.jar. The version 1.2 should be available for download from And sorry for the late response.

  9. Julien says:

    I would like to get some support of JOGL…

    • void says:

      either post on the help forum or on the feature tracker (which you probably already did :) I answered there …) or you can contact me directly at void ( a t ) lessvoid ( dot ) com.

  10. Mike says:

    Is source available for the demos?

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