Nifty 1.3.2 finally arrived

// October 8th, 2012 // release

Nifty 1.3.2 is mainly a bugfix release and is compatible with Nifty 1.3.1. There are a couple of nifty new features available too :) We’ve counted 175 individual changes which is A LOT!

There will be an updated Nifty Manual available soon. Until it is available you can find out what’s new in the Nifty 1.3.2 change log (

And here are the other Nifty links:

Nifty 1.3.2 Download Folder at
Nifty 1.3.2 Maven Projects Page (browse the JavaDoc online!)
Get a nightly jME3 build with Nifty 1.3.2 (
Webstart – Nifty Default Controls Example (1.3.2)
Webstart – Nifty Standard Examples (1.3.2)

For Maven simply add our Nifty Maven Repo to your pom.xml:


and upgrade your dependency to 1.3.2:


Have a lot of fun with Nifty 1.3.2! The best Nifty since Nifty ;-)

11 Responses to “Nifty 1.3.2 finally arrived”

  1. TQ says:

    Uh, really happy that this is out! Congratulations! :)

  2. fm27 says:

    Hello nifty community!

    I want to use nifty within my jME3-Application and I need nested context menus. Is is possible to modify the popup-”menu”-example of nifty supporting NESTED menu/menu-items? What do I have to do? Is there example code?

    • void says:

      Well, there is no direct build-in support for that (e.g. there is no flag or option you can directly set for a menu-item to get that functionality) BUT nothing prevents you to simple show a new menu when a menu-item is clicked, right?

  3. fabio says:

    i’m a noob but i’m really angry….how the hell can i download the folder from sourceforge????
    thanks for help

    • void says:

      you click at the link and then you download all the jars you need … or you take some time and learn about maven which will automatically download all the dependencies you need if you use the xml snippets provided above

  4. fabio says:

    there is no way to download all the folder? because i need also the javadoc

    • void says:

      Ah! No not by default unfortunately :/ BUT I’ve zipped all the jars including the source and javadoc jars into a single file “”. It’s currently in state pending but should be available for download soon. Great? :)

  5. fabio says:

    awesome thanks! i need a GUI for my slick game, i hope i can get nifty working as soon as possible :P

  6. wiki says:

    Just a short question: Is it possible that the de.lessvoid.nifty.batch package is missing in the sourceforge build? Because if I look on gitHub, the folder’s there, but the does not contain any jar file with a batch package

    • void says:

      Yes, it’s missing from 1.3.2 since it was introduced after the 1.3.2 release :) The batched renderer will be part of 1.3.3 Nifty. If you want to try it now you have to use a nightly build from the Maven repo (there is not a single zip available – only individual jars) OR you build it from source yourself – which is not difficult. You just need to git clone the repo and call “mvn package”. Or you wait some more days for a regular Nifty 1.3.3 release :)

  7. Primogenitor says:

    FYI, the dependency tags should be groupId and artifact Id (note the capital I). Might depend on the version of maven you use, but took me a while to spot after a copy-n-paste!

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