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Nifty 1.3.2 finally arrived

// October 8th, 2012 // 11 Comments » // release

Nifty 1.3.2 is mainly a bugfix release and is compatible with Nifty 1.3.1. There are a couple of nifty new features available too :) We’ve counted 175 individual changes which is A LOT!

There will be an updated Nifty Manual available soon. Until it is available you can find out what’s new in the Nifty 1.3.2 change log (

And here are the other Nifty links:

Nifty 1.3.2 Download Folder at
Nifty 1.3.2 Maven Projects Page (browse the JavaDoc online!)
Get a nightly jME3 build with Nifty 1.3.2 (
Webstart – Nifty Default Controls Example (1.3.2)
Webstart – Nifty Standard Examples (1.3.2)

For Maven simply add our Nifty Maven Repo to your pom.xml:


and upgrade your dependency to 1.3.2:


Have a lot of fun with Nifty 1.3.2! The best Nifty since Nifty ;-)

Here is your (very late but epic!) christmas present …

// December 29th, 2011 // 5 Comments » // docs, release

Nifty documentation is currently scattered around the internet.

You can find some pieces in the Nifty wiki, on the blog that you’re reading right now, in forums like the Nifty Forum at or the jMonkeyEngine GUI Forum. Basically you have some bits of knowledge here and others somewhere else.

Therefore something we’d really like to do was to consolidate all of Niftys documentation into one single information hub. And so we did … and we’re now proud to present to you:

Nifty GUI 1.3.1 – The Missing Manual

Nifty GUI 1.3.1 - The Missing Manual

The PDF is an epic 110 pages book hosted at that explains (almost) everything that you ever wanted to know about Nifty! The book will act as both a tutorial/introduction to Nifty as well as an in depth reference of the more complicated matters. The PDF contains lots of code examples, screenshots and illustrations.

I hope you had a great christmas 2011 and that you’ll enjoy reading the manual! :D


PS: In other news Nifty 1.3.1 has been released! Get it at while it’s hot! I’ll write a proper blog post about 1.3.1 as soon as I’ve got the complete changelog together ;)

Nifty 1.2 released

// August 2nd, 2010 // 19 Comments » // demo, release

Nifty 1.2 – Download it
Nifty 1.2 – View Changelog
Nifty 1.2 – Enjoy the Examples

And there is an updated tutorial/demo available too:
Nifty 1.2 – Updated Tutorial/Demo

Nifty 1.2 Tutorial/Demo

Nifty 1.2 Tutorial/Demo

The Tutorial/Demo has been greatly improved and updated with Nifty 1.2 informations and is *THE* source to learn how to use Nifty!

Important Information

Please note that starting with Nifty 1.2 the main nifty.jar is now independend of lwjgl and slick2d. This means you need a nifty-<system>-renderer.jar for your rendering system! For instance, if you would like to use Nifty with a Lwjgl based rendering backend you will now need to download nifty-1.2.jar as well as nifty-lwjgl-renderer-1.0.jar!

Please note that we assume that all of the required jars of your rendering system, like lwjgl.jar, slick.jar and so on are downloaded by yourself. The nifty-<system>-renderer.jar only acts as the adapter between nifty and your rendering backend. They don’t come with all the required libs. This decision was simply done under the assumption that Nifty comes as an add on to an existing application.

The Nifty 1.2 compatible jme2 renderer will be available soon after the 1.2 release and Nifty 1.2 will be integrated into jme3 soon as well.

have fun :)